UO Recycles Old Cooking Oil

EUGENE, Ore. — The green, in the yellow and green, at Autzen Stadium is getting greener thanks to some environmentally friendly thinking.

The University of Oregon is teaming up with the Sequential Pacific Biodiesel to convert cooking oil from places on campus, like Autzen Stadium concessions, into biofuel. UO representatives say it’s all part of their efforts to be as sustainable as possible, and they’re glad to now be doing it with a local company.

“It’s great to have a local company to do it and a local company that started right here in the city of Eugene and right on campus. It’s a tremendous partnership and we’re extremely excited to be able to support a local business,” said Craig Pintens, UO Athletic Dept. Spokesman.

The company is now based in Salem, it has partnered with local organizations to recycle used cooking oil into fuel since 2008.

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