UO Reveals New Sports Complex

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EUGENE, Ore. — After two years of construction, the University of Oregon’s brand new football operations center’s finally ready for use.

According to the Go Ducks website, coaches were already working in the space as of Monday. Around the same time, a slew of photos of the new digs were released that has students all over campus talking.

Students say hard hats aren’t an unfamiliar sight at the University of Oregon.

“Ever since my freshman year, there’s been a lot of construction on campus in general and all these facilities popping up,” said UO senior Chris Mott.

The latest in the list, a 145,000 square foot athletics facilities complex for football. The center boasts a barber shop, at two-story theater and several lounges for both players and recruits.

As people scrolled through the photos, the feelings were mixed.

“It’s exciting to see it open up but then again it’s only for the athletes so I won’t get to enjoy it at all,” Mott said.

“The university already has great facilities, like the one we’re standing by Lillis. So I don’t think we need quite that level because we’re not physically putting ourselves out there like the football team is,” said UO junior Callan Christman.

There was some question as to why the school’s academic side wasn’t quite getting the same treatment.

“I think it’s too a point where it’s a bit excessive. I’m coming out of school 200 grand in debt and I’m struggling to find a job; but yet, alone these athletes get everything paid for them,” said UO senior Brandon Zaffivo.

In the end, no one seemed too surprised.

“It’s somewhat expected because the U of O is always the first school that steps above and beyond everyone else,” said UO senior Marco Johnson.

They’re all hoping it will all translate into a successful season.

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