UO Safe Ride Gets Increase in Budget

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EUGENE, Ore. — The students asked and they received. The University of Oregon has approved a major budget increase for the school’s Safe Ride program.

The key priority is getting students back to their dorms and to off-campus apartments safely at night. The problem though is that in the last couple of years the school’s Safe Ride program has experienced a major increase in requests that the program is unable to fill.

So, those with the program went the budget committee and asked for an increase. They were granted a 41-percent budget increase, bringing their $95,000 budget to $130,000. Because of an increase in ridership, Safe Ride has been turning away about 40 percent of the people that call a day. This new budget will change that.

“I think with extra vans out each night we will be able to have more flexibility and spontaneity in our schedule, and when someone calls in we will be able to pick them up sooner instead of telling them they might have to wait a few hours,” said Kaeli Plaks, Safe Ride Scheduling Director.

Safe Ride is a student-run organization that provides rides to students, staff and faculty at the university so they don’t have to walk alone at night. People we talked with who use Safe Ride said it gives them peace of mind at night, especially since there have been some assaults on and near campus over the last couple of years. If you would like to know how to contact Safe Ride, click here.

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