UO Sex Assault Victim Releases Statement

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EUGENE, Ore. — The woman who claimed three University of Oregon basketball players raped her is finally speaking out in an open letter.

The letter, provided by her attorney, was then released by student-run newspaper, The Daily Emerald.

“We laud her for her composure, how she handled these incredibly traumatic, awful events that never should have occurred,” said Marina Rosenthal, UO Coalition member.

Written as a letter to the editor in the student-run newspaper, the woman says she’s angry about how the UO Athletic Department handled the assault. She criticized the department saying they prioritized winning over the safety of students.

In the letter, she did praise the Office of the Dean of Students for its support. She says she’s not sure she would still be on campus if it wasn’t for their help.

After reading the letter, Rosenthal says ultimately the woman is asking for one thing that many others are demanding from the university–transparency.

She’s asking for transparency “about what they are doing to prevent violence on campus, how they are responding to it, how situations like this happen where people with known sexual violence records at other institutions are recruited here,” Rosenthal said.

So as Rosenthal commends the alleged victim for being brave, she says it’s the university’s turn to come forward.

“We’re asking the administration to be brave and take a stand against violence on our campus,” Rosenthal said.

The student closes the letter by stating, “I still love our school, and I want it to be the best and safest place anywhere in the country.”

The Lane County district attorney dropped the charges against the players, but the athletic department says the three are no longer on the team.

Click here to read the letter provided by the victim’s attorney John Clune out of Boulder, Colorado.¬†Clune has been a part of some high profile cases, including representing clients in the sexual assault case against NBA star Kobe Bryant.

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  1. tracy says:

    good for her that she has spoken up . now is she still going to try to get these 3 men charge ?? i hope so but, if the Eugene D.A don’t want to , then that’s a crying shame .

    well ladies …best not do anything stupid action to make u end up in where this lady is at in her life because , if the D.A aint willing to press charges then you are screwed AGAIN and IN THE WOREST WAY EVER because if THE D.A DON’T PRESS CHARGES , well then that SAME MAN OR MANS WILL DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN

    so please BE CAREFUL DON’T DRINK

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