UO Showcases Student-Built House

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EUGENE, Ore. — A home in west Eugene, designed and built by students, will soon go on the market.

The construction deadline is dependent on school terms.

The project is a partnership between University of Oregon architecture students and Lane Community College carpentry students.

It’s the first home built through the program, designed and constructed entirely by students but overseen by professors and Ives Construction Company. The home is on Hope Loop in the Roosevelt-Bertelsen area.

The goal is to make the three bedroom-two bath home sustainable and affordable.

“So what can we afford to do to make houses more energy efficient, more material sensitive and things that we can actually afford,” said architecture professor Rob Thallon.

“I think they take away what’s really required to get the finished product, what skills are necessary, what kind of people actually do it in the field,” said Steve Ives of Ives Construction owner.

It’s one of nine homes that will built on this parcel of land. This particular one will be sold for $175,000 to a local family who meets certain income-requirements.

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