UO Stress Relief Events On Finals Week

UO_Stress_Less_UOAM_YOGA_Dec_2013EUGENE, Ore. — It’s dead week at the University of Oregon and it’s safe to say students are feeling the stress of finals approaching, but the school is offering a way for students to take the edge off.

Students say come Monday, their stress level kicks up a notch, especially on the days when they have more than one final exam. They say that’s on top of projects and papers due, which is why a student organization is offering the free stress-relieving event for everyone on campus.

UO Active Minds is putting on the event with the help of several on-campus sponsors. It’s called “Stress Less” and it offers different ways to help students, like yoga, acupuncture, and massages. Students say finals week always comes with a lot of stress and sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to help. So, student directors at Active Minds took it upon themselves to help.

“I am not exactly sure like what will work best for me? So the fact that there’s a stress less event, it has so many options that people can figure out what works best for them,” said Kimia Amirifar, a student at UO.

“The idea came about just being a student. A lot of my executive team are students. We don’t get paid to do this and we’re looking at ways on how we can help our fellow students de-stress by learning simple things,” said Juan Rivera, also a student at UO and a director for Active Minds.

The event is happening Wednesday from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at the Knight Library. If you miss Wednesday night’s event, no need to stress. There’s another one happening on Monday the 17th at the same time, also at the Knight Library.

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  1. Diana Sanchez says:

    It is great to see students take the initiative in promoting resources for students that may not know about them. This group has been an amazing group I am not part of it and now as I graduate I wish I had been. Their latest initiative is also one for the books, adding resource numbers to the back of the student ID cards is something that is amazing. http://www.uoactiveminds.org is a great way to find out more about how amazing these students are and I am proud to say that I graduated from this school.

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