UO Student Dies after Fall

EUGENE, Ore. — A University of Oregon student died after falling off the roof of an apartment building this weekend.

Eugene police say Alexander Atkins, 22, was drinking when he fell off the building in the 1800 block of Harris Street. That happened around 7 p.m. Saturday night.

He died at the hospital the next day.

Investigators aren’t sure why he was on the roof in the first place, but they do think the fall was an accident.


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  1. jason marks says:

    This issue is a huge problem. We have campus properties and drunk students are always ripping out the window screens and getting on the roofs, even when we tell them not to.
    We police this issue every time we are at the complexes. Short of full time, “don’t do this, stop that, don’t do that, quit it, behave, grow up… no one can do that 24/7 for every tenant, every unit, every guest, every time. Residents need to grow up. Unfortunately, it seems like we are the ones stuck baby sitting. A good percentage of them act like junior high school students.

    For some reason they just don’t care. I guess Alexander didn’t either.

    1. TH says:

      Jason Marks you are an idiot for saying what you did even if it is true. Obviously you owning campus properties means you need to cover yourself and your business from these unfortunate liabilities, but to say what you did at the foot of this article days after this tragedy is disgusting and makes my blood boil. I knew Alex, he was a great guy to be around and everyone he knew personally would have something good to say about him. You indirectly referring to him as a “junior high school student” and that he didn’t care is so ignorant. Did you know Alex and what he stood for? I didn’t think so. You are biased because of your business and the fact that you actually had the nerve to publicize your negative thoughts online to try and make a point is really sad. Show some compassion and put yourself in the shoes of those affected before you open your mouth next time.

    2. KRISTEN says:

      As Alex’s younger sister, reading this absolutely sickens me. You sir, are an idiot.

  2. Erica J says:

    This is such a tragedy…Jason Mark, your comment is useful, yet disrespectful…His parents probably have read this article, chill out, and learn some compassion.

  3. Ferlander says:

    KEZI, if you’re going to allow comments on stories like this you’re going to need to afford your team the resources to properly moderate them. Would you include jason marks’ trivialization of a college student’s death in your broadcast? You need to step it up. You’re offending the community you serve.

    1. JM says:

      I don’t see any comments that say a persons life is of no value or insignificant.

      I think you’ve made assumptions about commenters for who you know nothing about.

      The comment you don’t like is a narrow part of the whole incident, that is where the comment rests, not on the loss of life, or the value of life or the feelings of the family, friends or for that matter, your feelings, but the unspoken and uncalled to attention of a larger problem for which you know nothing about.

      I don’t know of a better place to call attention to a life threatening problem that IS trivialized than here where a discussion can occur on how to work to prevent the loss of anyone’s life on campus. Not even to mention the rampant drinking problem on campus. The university of Oregon is #3 in the nation for alcohol arrests on campus. You don’t see that as any sort of problem?

      Obviously its a tragedy, anyone can clearly see that.

      Its very sad to see someone loose their life in that manner.

  4. Kelsey says:

    My prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

  5. Dave M says:

    People do stupid things while consuming alcohol all the time, unfortunately,this student paid with his life for something he shouldnt have been doing.I was jumped off a bridge at fall creek when i was intoxicated and almost drown.

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