UO Student Group Helps Typhoon Victims

EUGENE, Ore. — More than 150 people turned out Thursday night to help raise money for the victims of ¬†Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

The University of Oregon Kultura Pilipinas group worked in conjunction with the Philippine American Association of Lane County to host a spaghetti fundraiser. One hundred and thirty were served about $1,025 was raised that will go immediately to the Philippine Red Cross.

Thousands lost their lives in this disaster and the student group also collected clothing and canned food donations. They’ll be able to fill 24 boxes with those donations.

“I do have some friends who live there right now,” said University of Oregon student Sheshank Mageshwara. “For me it’s really important that people be able to support the community there.”

“It’s really amazing to see how the community has reached out to everybody and how everybody has responded,” said University of Oregon Kultura Pilipinas member Christian Arenas.

The boxes will be shipped off to the Philippines at the end of the month.

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