UO Students Create “We Want Bama” Shirts

EUGENE, Ore. — A chant that started in Eugene and spread across the country is now being worn on campus and around Eugene.

“We Want Bama” T-shirts are popping up around Eugene thanks to three university students.

Bret Klein, a senior at the University of Oregon, says it all started when after the Tennessee game. Klein and his friends were at a restaurant and decided to make shirts after customers started chanting for a match against Alabama. Now the shirts are gaining national attention after the gang wore them to Washington.

“We all drove up to Washington and we were all in front of GameDay, and apparently some of the GameDay people saw our shirts and mentioned them on ESPN radio the next morning, and we knew that’s where our exposure started,” Klein said.

The guys say so far they have shipped shirts across the country to Florida, North Carolina and Alabama.


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  1. Sean says:

    These shirts would be great if we were 13-0 but we are only 7-0 and as they said in sports talk “Isn’t it a little early to be tugging on Super Mans cape”. If the ducks win out I will sport one of these shirts but at the moment I would call this bad ju ju! Go ducks.

  2. Smoky says:

    Looks like Sean was prophetic.

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