UO Students Don’t Care About Sports?

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EUGENE, Ore. — A University of Oregon professor has an interesting take on a recent survey that found students don’t care as much about sports as thought. The 2013 study was done by the conducted by the UO Sustainability Office.

In his blog, economics professor Bill Harbaugh zeroed in on the question:

How much did the following influence your decision to come to the UO? And even more specifically the athletics reputation.

Tallying the responses showed 60 percent said “not at all”.

Survey designers say the study may only represent less than 5 percent of the actual student population. But it brings up an interesting viewpoint.

“The results are instructive to us, but we also realize the limitations within that. Having said that, it is instructive that students responded in this way and it’s definitely worth looking deeper into this issue,” said Andrew Louw, who helped design the survey.

The UO Athletic Department didn’t want to comment on someone else’s survey.

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