UO Students, Faculty React to Complex

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon Athletic Department gave the media a tour of the school’s newest athletics complex.

During the tour, attendees were actually able to see inside of Oregon’s practice because most of the building has a view of the fields.

It was the first time KEZI 9 News has seen Oregon practice in Eugene in almost two years.

Both non-athlete students and faculty members, who share the campus, but won’t be sharing the new facility, are reacting to the new facility.

Those who spoke with KEZI 9 News about it. There were those who believed all the attention was great publicity and could definitely reel in some great athletes and even more students in general, but some didn’t think it was likely there would be any real benefit for them in this situation.

“You make it sound like ‘Reganomics’ or something like there will be some trickle effect and we’ll get to feed off the crumbs of football players or something. (laughs) Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be like that. They get more attention. They’re hyped up. The university might get more national attention for the football league, but I don’t think it’s going to further its name as a university,” said UO senior Loveprit Singh.

KEZI 9 News also spoke with some faculty members, who said this sort of continued investment in the athletics department takes away from the true mission of the university–to educate. Faculty members also said while the university isn’t footing the bill, its support of the building is support of a message that is contradictory to that mission, and in the end, it’s taking away from the rest of the population’s college experience.


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  1. laura johnson says:

    again waste of money!!!!!!!! why not give more to kids that can’t afford school that struggle.

    1. chris says:

      1st off it’s Phil Knights money and he may do with it as he pleases. 2nd he gives a ton of money to the university including the law school and the library plus another few buildings at Stanford. 3rd look how many kids that play football and get full ride scholarships in this country, that without them they would never be able to afford college tuition. 4th look at what the football program does, I have talked to many people from around the country and the world that come to get educated here, and I ask why on earth anyone would want to come to school at U of O, and a handful of them have said that they saw our football and other sports programs on TV and wanted to go here because of that.

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