UO Students Harvest Tomato Crop

EUGENE, Ore. — For the first time ever, University of Oregon’s sustainability leaders got to harvest their own crops on campus property, which will be turned into future meals for college students.

This was Project Tomato’s fourth year, but it was also a first for organizers who spent months making Sunday’s tomato harvest possible.

The urban farm was previously a vacant, university-owned lot. It took months to get approval from administrators to break ground and plant crops. Sunday, organizers got to harvest the fruits of their labor with the help of some incoming university freshmen.

Coordinators said projects like this are important to educate students about how growing your own food can improve your quality of life.

“Food is an important part of everyday life and people should be more involved in it, from the beginning, from the seed. So what we have today is an educational opportunity for students to get involved in the process,” said Shelley Bowerman, Project Tomato’s coordinator.

Organizers hoped to haul in about one thousand pounds from their crop. The tomatoes picked will be turned into pizza sauce that will be used in the campus dining halls later this year.

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