UO Students Move Out

EUGENE, Ore. — Four-thousand University of Oregon students are emptying their dorms and moving off campus this week.

So what does this mean for the campus community — and neighboring businesses?

Forty percent of the student body lives on campus.

That means come Friday nearly half of all UO students will be packed up and headed home.

Students say they’ll miss their dorm rooms and roommates, and local businesses say they’ll miss the students.

“I’m definitely sad. I was laying in bed, couldn’t sleep thinking this is our last night here,” said UO student Michelle Gimenez.

“So it’s gonna be really different, but I am excited to go home and get away from the chaos,” said UO student Adrianne Ewent.

But not every student experienced those emotions Wednesday.

“I think a lot of people have late exams, and so everyone’s gonna move out at the same time, and it’s gonna be horrible,” said UO student Claire Dickerson.

UO spokesman Phil Weiler says the move-out process has always been somewhat of a breeze, especially when compared to the move in.

“It takes place over the course of a week, so it goes by pretty smoothly, there’s parking, people are able to get close to their resident halls, get their stuff and move on their way,” Weiler said.

Weiler says a new online checkout system for student’s also adds to the ease.

But the transition isn’t as smooth for local businesses who depend on student clientele.

“It comes to a screeching halt. We have to cut back on hours, most stylists and restaurants a lot of the employees live off of tips and those stop,” said Hair Masters stylist Stephanie Otto.

Nearly half of the student body leaves Friday, so it’s no wonder that employees at Hair Masters on East 13th Avenue say they’ll cut half their staff–and employees’ checks gets cut in half too.

Students say the move impacts their lifestyles too. For now though, it’s one step at a time.

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