UO Students Petition to Postpone Finals

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EUGENE, Ore. — Students are petitioning to postpone final exams at the University of Oregon, after a computer problem of sorts.

A glitch in the university’s online course system prevented students from getting access to their study materials for final exams. Now many say they’re students fed up, and some have decided to take action.

“With the classes that we’re taking, blackboard is absolutely vital for everything,” said UO student Tristan Rosenau.

UO students say they rely on a website called Blackboard for reviewing notes and required readings for final exams. But the system was down for over 10 hours Monday, and students were vocal about the glitch.

“It really put a damper on my studying…so I did a little bit behind and unprepared for the finals when they came around,” said UO student Tanner Laiche.

For some students, it felt unjust to still have exams after having no access to Blackboard.

“The night of your final, you have to wait over ten hours, is that actually fair for students to have to go through that?” said Sonny Mehta.”I mean, so far there’s been no solution offered up to us whatsoever.”

That’s why Mehta started a petition to get the university to postpone finals. The petition quickly gathered support, gaining more than a thousand electronic signatures in a matter of hours. The university says it understands the frustrations and has tried to do everything to help students recuperate.

“We’re encouraging them to reach out to their faculty members directly and ask if there are alternative solutions for them to complete the work that they need to do for this term,” said Julie Brown, UO Director of Communications.

The UO says it’s not sure exactly what caused the site to malfunction at such a crucial time, but petitioners are still skeptical about the university’s response.

“The fact that the U of O isn’t paying that much attention to it or isn’t treating it as a bigger deal is troubling to me,” Mehta said.

Since the site went down, the administration has made fixing Blackboard a top priority.

“We really wanted to work as quickly as possible to get that system back up and running,” Brown said.

For now, students say they’ll have to make do with what resources they do have, and the university said that Blackboard is now back up and running for students.

The student who created the petition says he wants to continue a campaign to get the university to switch to a different online system.


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  1. David Lawrence says:

    Actual March madness!

  2. Postone says:

    Postpone the damn finals already…. What’s the big deal ?

  3. Dave says:

    The U of O has an ego larger than Eugene & Springfield combined. I’ve been both a student and employee and, believe me, to the U of O administration money is the only thing that matters, period. Postponing the finals would cost U of O money, so no go. The love of money is the root of all evil, and the U of O Duck is starting to show its satanic horns again.

  4. Dude says:

    Whiners. Get over it, and move on. No more coddling.

  5. J says:

    This really was not news worthy at all. I am go to the U of O, sure Blackboard was down but that doesn’t keep you from being able to take a final. Seems like a little of these “kids” are used to having everything handed to them; “The night of your final, you have to wait over ten hours, is that actually fair for students to have to go through that?” Fair? Learn to adapt because not everything is going to be fair. This Mehta guy really makes himself look like a big baby that still has his mom change his diapers.

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