UO Students Rally Again

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EUGENE, Ore. — Anger and outrage on the University of Oregon campus continues, one week after police released reports linking three basketball players to a rape investigation.

A few dozen people from the University of Oregon Coalition to End Sexual Violence handed administration a list of demands on how they want the university to respond to sexual violence. Those demands include requiring gender study classes and providing resources outside of the university for victims of sexual assault.

The group of students rallying and demanding change to the way the university responds to sexual assaults was much smaller Monday than last week, but their message was still the same.

UO-CESV organized the rally and hopes to raise awareness of how frequently sexual assaults happen not only at the university, but on college campuses all across the country.

“It’s not just sports teams, it’s not just the Greek system, it’s not just the party culture that the university uses to sell this institution to perspective students,” said Carol Stabile.

Those at the rally say even though all eyes are on the university because of the star status of Damyean Dotson, Brandon Austin and Dominic Artis, this case is not much different than the majority of college sexual assaults.

“Some elements of it were fairly typical such as that the alleged events happened between people who knew each other and this is not a matter of like walking down the street and somebody jumping out from a bush, which is very rare compared to events involving someone that know each other,” said Dr. Jennifer Freyd.

“This is not an outlier. This happens frequently and this is, that’s the main problem,” said Ben Ogawa.

After rallying in the lawn behind Johnson Hall, the group marched up the steps where they handed their demands to UO Provost Scott Coltrane and Vice President of Student Affairs Robin Holmes.

“We’ll take them under consideration and we appreciate that you’re very concerned, we’re concerned as well. We absolutely want to stop all domestic violence and we want the campus to be safe for everyone. It’s our job to protect everybody,” said Coltrane.

Those at the rally say they will not stop putting pressure on university administration until they change their policies.

“We really hope that what we see is an opportunity to do the right thing at long last. It’s not too late to do the right thing, we can move forward and become an example nationally of a school taking accountability for its role in encouraging sexual violence on campus,” said Marina Rosenthal.

The group says it will be back in front of Johnson Hall on Thursday and members want a public response from the administration because it says the university lied about its failure to report a sexual assault. It’s also asking for a public signing of the academic freedom policy, so staff can freely talk about situations like this.

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