UO Students React to Coach’s Departure

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EUGENE, Ore. — The story of Head Football Coach Chip Kelly leaving was top of mind for about every student at the University of Oregon, many of them heartbroken and shocked much like the athletic department.

The feeling on campus is about half and half about former Coach Kelly. Half understand that this football mastermind would want to go to the NFL and half feel bitter that he left the way he did.

While Athletic Director Rob Mullens says they have not made any moves toward Kelly’s replacement, fans on campus say Mark Helrich is very much the right guy for the job.

For current students, Kelly is all they’ve ever known when it comes to Oregon football, but they’re happy at the very least they’ll have an amazing group of starters and hopefully a good chunk of the coaching staff left to start this new chapter here at Oregon.

Click on the video above to hear what students had to say.

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