UO Students to Analyze Debate

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon Debate Team has been closely watching all of the debates and will be watching this last one with KEZI Monday night.

A coach for the UO Debate Team says for this last debate, preparation is of utmost importance due to the complexity of the foreign policy issues.

Thomas Schally says the perception is that Romney came out stronger in the first debate and President Obama a little stronger in the second. Essentially this could be a tie breaker.

“Success for both candidates will include distinguishing themselves and their positions given that there are a lot of similarity in the room–foreign policy and secondly, articulating that difference in a way that it will resonate with the general audience,” said Thomas Schally, UO debate coach.

From a debate team stance, Schally says these debates are less like real debates and more like dual press conferences in that candidates are delivering memorized stump speeches.

The team will watch the debate at the KEZI 9 studio and offer their input on which candidate was stronger. They will also weigh in on their debating skills on a special edition of KEZI 9 News at 10.

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  1. Rico says:

    Asking collage students what they think of the debate is like asking chickens what they think about Colonal Sandures. It all depends on who is coaching them and what wines they like.

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