UO Unveils Duck Spirit Tees

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EUGENE, Ore. — Each year the University of Oregon’s marketing department releases a special spirit T-shirt to get Duck fans pumped.

This year the slogan features an uppity Duck and a play on a popular song. The shirts read “I’m Ducky and I Know It”. Some may recognize the slogan from something similar on the radio. Others just enjoy the dancing Duck.

Rumor has it the band has already learned the popular tune “I’m Sexy and I Know It”, and the cheerleaders will perform a special dance along with it.

“The band did their own version of the song, so it’s great to have it be a part of a bigger picture,” said Eric Breitensteim, Marketing Coordinator.

This year’s shirt design was chosen after 1,000 submissions from Duck fans came in back in April.

Since they were rolled out at Fan Day Saturday, the dancing, quacking Duck has flown off the racks. Hundreds have already been sold.

“We have to re-stock them daily so we get shipments every other day, so they’re always coming in,” said Nicholas Vicino, Duck Store Lead Supervisor.

University of Oregon students and some staff at the UO Duck Store say the designs definitely cater to a college crowd and don’t doubt they’ll get a couple questions.

“I think people are really liking them. I think they’re more modern and a little more fun and definitely cater to the students than in the past, so I think that’s really fun,” said Nicole Sisco, Duck Store employee and UO student.

Marketing staff say even if the reference goes over a head or two, the slogan will hold its own.

The shirts cost $8 at any Duck Store. If you do buy one of the spirit tees, a dollar of the proceeds go to the UO Marching Band and cheerleading squad. Last year they raked in $40,000.

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