UO Unveils New Science Center

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon’s research reputation can often be overshadowed by its popular sports teams, but a new science center shows the university’s prominence in the research world is powering forward.

The 103,000-square-foot building is called the Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building–“integrative” being the operative word.

The building was designed with an open concept with the goal of promoting congregation and collaboration between the psychologists, chemists and biologists who will all work out of the school’s newest addition.

Everything from the architecture to the walls that double as white boards are intended to encourage interaction between researchers. The university hopes this style will produce even better ideas than before.

“We’re really pleased. It’s a wonderful addition to our campus. I’d love to build three more of these to tell you the truth, but it’s very exciting,” said Kimberly Andrews Epsy, UO Vice President of Research and Innovation.

The five-story building cost $65 million, which came from private gifts and $30 million in state bonds.

It boasts an impressive green make-up, for example using 58 percent less energy than a typical building this size.

The Lewis Building will host hundreds of researchers at once, and quite possibly lead to the next great invention out of the UO.

The public grand opening is on Friday afternoon.

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