Up and Up, Temperatures Continue to Soar

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Up up and up…our temperatures continue to soar! North Bend tied their record high of 75° Wednesday which was originally set back in 1926! Eugene hit 73°, Corvallis 74° and Roseburg at 81°.

The ridge of high pressure is still sitting off shore and is going to allow two more days in the mid 70s. We’ll start to see some clouds sneaking in though, especially on Friday as the ridge of high pressure starts to flatten and move south.

By this weekend we’ll see more substantial cloud cover and highs will drop to the upper 60s Saturday and low 60s for Sunday and Monday. A few light showers are also possible Sunday and even more so on  Monday.

If you’re hoping for an extended stretch of rain or cooler weather…doesn’t look like that will happen. The ridge of high pressure looks to form again in the middle part of next week, bringing back the sunny warm and dry conditions.

-Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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