New Leads in Fmr. Officer Investigation

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EUGENE, Ore. — New leads have come out in the investigation into former Eugene Police Officer Stefan Zeltvay and his interaction with students at South Eugene High School.

In July, Zeltvay was convicted of sexually harassing and abusing six women. There were reports of a groping incident at the school involving a female student during the 2006-2007 school year. Zeltvay was the school resource officer at the time.

Investigators believe they now know the person linked to the alleged misconduct.

What started as a rumor has now become an official investigation.

“Today I received additional information about that rumored behavior involving a student and a search that purported to be potentially misconduct,” said Sgt. Scott McKee, Eugene Police Department.

Police received reports that Zeltvay put his hand down a female student’s shirt and groped her while conducting an on-campus drug investigation. Now, investigators say they know someone linked to that alleged misconduct, and they have identified more witnesses. This rumor turned investigation has prompted investigators to look into rumors circulating online.

“We are hearing a lot of chatter in social media about the Stefan Zeltvay arrest,” McKee said.

Posts about Zeltvay’s conviction of sexually harassing three female coworkers, sexually abusing a fourth coworker, and inappropriately touching two other women, including a fellow officer’s wife, flood Facebook.

“I’ve seen a lot of posts from multiple people who do and don’t go to this school regarding Officer Z and the whole problem there,” said junior Jade Reynolds.

That includes a post from a South Eugene High School student that reads, “No longer will kids be subjugated to his sick perversions.” And this post with a link to an article on Zeltvay’s arrest with the caption: “Yea, finally,” which is concerning investigators.

“I am not seeing the volume of reports to the police dept that we are hearing about on Facebook,” McKee said.

That’s why they’re urging victims to come forward.

Sgt. McKee says he has talked to several women who were victimized by Zeltvay’s behavior. He says they weren’t criminal in nature, but questionable. He has yet to contact the person linked to the 2006 groping incident.

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