UPS Store Cuts Down Waste

EUGENE, Ore. — The UPS Store on the University of Oregon campus is being recognized for its efforts to go green.

For the past year it worked one-on-one with a sustainability expert to cut down on waste and save resources. It made changes like two-sided copying, eliminating toxic cleaners and pulling recyclable materials from its waste stream.

“It’s something we’re very proud of because the university has lots of sustainable things going on, and we want to contribute to that because it’s a really great culture, and we we have no excuse not to. It’s a small operation. We’re very efficient. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be,” said Ben Evans, UPS Store Manager.

BRING Recycling‘s Re:Think business program certified the UPS store for its efforts.

If your company is interested in reducing its waste, call BRING at (541) 746-3023.

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