USPS Delivers on Sunday

EUGENE, Ore. — Many postal workers reported to work today, in an effort to keep those gifts and goodies moving and arriving just in the knick of time for the holidays. It’s something that postal workers say they’ve never done before. Usually drivers have their Sunday off, and finish deliveries in the days before the holiday. Because of winter weather, mixed with the high holiday volume, USPS says it wanted to get a head start.

The Eugene post master says he has a few drivers working out of each office in our area doing about five to six routes each. He says Monday is normally a heavy day delivering packages, and with Christmas being on a Tuesday this year, it’s extra busy. On top of that, parts of I-5 were closed this weekend in Southern Oregon, and some mail delivery trucks there were delayed.

The Eugene post master says today’s work will relieve the stress of delivering tomorrow, and will avoid letter carriers working until midnight Christmas Eve.

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