Vaccination Opt Out Guidelines Changing

2-24 VACCINATION BILLEUGENE, Ore. — Oregon parents who choose to opt out of vaccinating their kids will have to follow some new guidelines before getting the exemption.

Legislation that passed in July goes into effect March 1. It’ll require any parents who want to opt out of vaccinating their kids to get a note signed by a doctor or nurse. The other option is to watch an hour long series of educational videos about vaccines online.

“It’s really important for us to provide that appropriate information to parents and guardians but also to allow the information to flow out and let them make the ultimate decision. It’s up to them, it’s a right to choose, freedom of choice,” said Dr. Patrick Luedtke, Lane County Public Health Officer.

Dr. Luedtke says Washington passed similar legislation and after the program was implemented for two years, the state had 25 percent less people opting out of vaccines.

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