Valley Wakes Up to Freezing Fog

EUGENE, Ore. — For a sixth day, the lower Willamette Valley woke up to freezing fog.

The thick, heavy clouds hung low all day, unless you got above a thousand feet.

The extended chill has a lot of people looking for a way to get out of the fog.

“I can’t remember one lasting as long as this,” said one resident.

“It’s kind of like that Portlandia sketch where people go and try to find the sunshine,” said another resident.

“We’re thinking of escaping today and going to Florence where we heard rumors that it’s 50 (degrees) and sunny,” one Eugene resident told us.

Of course this isn’t all that abnormal this time of year. While the freezing fog is certainly overstaying its welcome, some residents tell us it could be worse.

Photo courtesy of Gary Nauta.

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