Vandals Tag Eugene Church

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EUGENE, Ore. — A vandal targeted a north Eugene neighborhood, and a church was one of the victims.

The damage, while limited, is clearly visible on the back of the Emerald Fellowship Church, just off Cal Young Road near Gilham Road. Someone painted the letters “TCC” on the back on a door. There are a few markings just above the letters, along with what appears to be the word “krich” on the bottom of the door.

Church pastors say this is the first time they can remember that anyone’s ever actually marked the building. It may be because of a basketball court that anyone can use, which is just feet away.

KEZI 9 News showed EPD detectives the markings. It doesn’t appear to be gang related. While that does help ease concerns for people living in and around here, they say the lack of respect is still worrisome.

“I was pretty taken aback. I haven’t seen anything like that here at the church. I’ve seen it around town, but never here in our neighborhood,” said Eugene resident Deborah Shey.

There are at least two other markings nearby–one on a sign in the back of the church that appears to point toward the church. There’s another about a block away with the same markings.

Police say they will likely be out Thursday to look at the tagging. In recent months, there have been hate messages painted on churches–that’s likely not the case in this incident.

The church says it will then begin the clean-up process.

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  1. rob says:

    If I catch someone tagging my property, I will cut off each of their hands.

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