Vendors Planning for Holiday Market

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Saturday Market in downtown Eugene wrapped up its outdoor season on Saturday only to move indoors for the holidays.

The warmer weather has come and gone but vendors braved it for one more day.

“In Eugene, it’s going to get dark and cold here really quick,” said David Placencia, a vendor.

“This is the last Saturday outdoors because the weather’s getting worse. We’re going to move indoors to Holiday Market over at the fairgrounds,” said Mike Mortemore, also a vendor.

As Mortemore sands away, he reflects on the last several months.

“It’s up on sales from prior years. I think the traffic that we have seems to be increasing so I think overall, it’s been a pretty good year,” said Mortemore.

He’s also thinking about how he’ll transition to the holiday season.

“You spend a lot of time in your garage making puzzles, boxes, sewing, or making jewelry. You have to really get your inventory up because you’re going to be selling quite a bit of stuff there,” said Mortemore.

He says he’s been a vendor here for more than five years and looks forward to the Holiday Market every time.

Just next door, artist David Placencia is just painting a picture in his head of what this new venue will bring.

“So fun. So excited. It’s going to be my first time at the Holiday Market. I’ve heard so many great things about it,” said Placencia.

Like his woodworking market neighbor, Placencia has already planned out the seasonal transformation and is thinking about the perks of moving the market indoors.

“Basically, I want to have a bit more d├ęcor. I was going to get my sister to help me decorate more for the holiday market and get some fake flowers,” said Placencia.

“We’re going to have to set up only once instead of every Saturday. We set up once and we’re done. iIt’s a different environment over there. There’s a lot of action it seems, like chaos, but organized chaos,” said Mortemore.

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