Veneta Bus Stop Moves After 30 Years

VENETA, Ore. — Lane Transit District bus passengers in Veneta are rearranging their routes as the long-time stop at the West Lane Shopping Center is no longer an option.

Riders used to be able to catch Bus 93 at the shopping center, but now those patrons have to catch the bus at Broadway and Territorial, about a half mile from their original stop.

The 93 bus route ran through the shopping center’s parking lot for nearly 30 years, but when the new owners of the West Lane Center decided to repave the parking lot, they also asked LTD to find a new route.

Owner John Hammer says he didn’t know if the buses were going to temporarily or permanently detour, but LTD felt it was best to find a new place for the Veneta stop.

“We were contacted by Mr. Hammer, and it was our feeling in that conversation that he did not want us to come back in the lot and we certainly understand that,” said LTD spokesman Andy Vobora.

So now, the next closest stop is at the park and ride, about a half mile down Territorial. It will be the only stop in Veneta until LTD can build new bus stops in the area.

“People like that center as a park and ride because it offered the services they needed. So if they wanted to grab some groceries after work, get off the bus, get your groceries, get in your car, it worked out quite well,” Vobora said.

Overall, both parties think moving the stop is a good idea. Hammer and LTD agree the change will help prevent any liability issues with potential accidents in the busy commercial lot, and LTD says avoiding the lot will also speed up the route.

LTD says it will build two new bus stops out on Territorial and Highway 126, but until then patrons need to use the stop on Broadway and Territorial.

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