Veneta Call Center Opens

PHONEVENETA, Ore. — After months of preparation, Veneta is celebrating the opening of its call center.

Employees at First Call Resolution are already hard at work. They say the employer is a blessing for such a small community looking for jobs.

First Call Resolution is a customer service-based call center that could bring hundreds of jobs to the area.

Its employees answer questions for a number of companies, from video gaming to electronics to insurance agencies. Employees were ready to get to work.

“It was really cool to have a job so close to where I live and a company that has a really great reputation,” said employee Amy Metzger.

“Close to 90 percent of the folks that have jobs leave Veneta to go to those jobs. This will allow 200 people to work right here in Veneta and not make that commute,” said Jay Bozievich, Lane County Commissioner.

Bozievich says it’s going to pour about $4 million into the local economy in Veneta. Right now the company has hired 20 people, and it plans to hire another 20 people every two weeks.

The owner hopes those jobs will last for years to come.

“Longer than I plan on being alive would be our hope. So yeah, when I say long term, I hope this company goes on long after I’m gone from the earth,” said John Stadter, President of First Call Resolution.

First Call Resolution plans to have 150 plus employees hired by June with the potential to hire up to 300 in the future.

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