Veneta Caregiver Arrested for Stealing

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VENETA, Ore. — A Veneta couple is facing charges after being accused of stealing a significant amount of cash from an elderly man in the woman’s care.

Investigators say the couple, Jason and Eva Cagle, took advantage of an elderly man in poor health, stealing nearly $100,000 in cash.

Eva was a caregiver for the man. Lane County deputies say they got a complaint from someone close to the victim. They served a search warrant on the couple’s home Thursday morning on Territorial Highway, just south of Perkins, where they say they found evidence of felony theft.

“Serving the search warrant, we found several thousand dollars in cash, couple vehicles, as well as furniture and other household fixtures that were purchased with stolen money,” said Sgt. David Rogers, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say the theft had been going on since at least January. They say Cagle was employed as a caregiver through a company, but investigators wouldn’t release the name of that business.

Officers say they aren’t investigating any other clients or the company she worked for.

Deputies don’t believe there are other victims.

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  1. Larry Bartlien says:

    I’ve been trying to get attention to the fact that a Meth Head has secretly been living with my insane adopted dad for years now, NOT one agency would care or listen. Yet, “Lane County deputies say they got a complaint from someone close to the victim.” Okay, How Close do I have to be to get Justice! My adopted relatives, and this Meth Head who I think killed my adopted mom, have been Gold Digging on my Dad for years behind my back. Now, they’ve moved in and turned my adopted Dad’s insane mind against me, his only adopted son.

    I wasn’t invited to my adopted mom’s funeral, because my adopted dad knew I might be catching on to my adopted mom’s murder. Then, after she was buried, he just moved in his Meth Head Boyfriend and kept that a secret as long as he could (about 2 years). He hasn’t mentioned his wife since her passing. What he said to me 5 days before her fatal “8 falls” day, was Spine Chilling and from a Schizo Psychopath binge drinking at 7:30 AM. Told was regret for a gayer path not taken, and a wish to have never met his wife or adopted me. He didn’t sound drunk.
    Even the Donut HOLE Supremes, the FBI, think that any Tweeker has the right to just move into my 92 yr. old Dad’s home, and Gold Dig my insane adopted dad. I have evidence! How close do I have to be again?

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