Veneta Logging Update

VENETA, Ore. — Greenways and wetlands will not be logged near the Trinity Terrace subdivision, after neighbors came to a compromise over an ongoing tree controversy.

Last week, many residents in the neighborhood voiced concern about logging along the greenway on a stretch of land behind their homes. Neighbors met with the owner of the property Monday evening and came to a pending agreement. The owner agreed to avoid harvesting timber in the greenways and wetlands.

“I hope that there’s enough left out there so that we’re not looking at stump yard,” said Tom Cummings, a Trinity Terrace residence. “When we moved here, this was a very picturesque community and we really liked it here.”

Discussion about the size of trees to be cut is still ongoing. KEZI 9 News reached out to the logging company, but have not heard back yet on the status of the logging exceptions.

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  1. jason marks says:

    plant some trees on your own property, that way you can be the boss of your own stuff.

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