Veneta Mother Remembers Daughter

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VENETA, Ore. — A Veneta family dealing with the untimely death of a daughter, sister, and fiancee is determined to keep her memory alive.

Aimee Thomas, 26, was killed in a crash along Highway 126 Monday morning.

Aimee’s mother, Lori Thomas, says she still can’t believe her daughter is gone. When Aimee Thomas didn’t show up to work Monday morning, her boss was worried.

“We got a call from the same boss about a wreck right down the street. And we drove down there and we saw that a semitruck had drove into Aimee’s car, and we pretty much knew at that point that she was gone,” Lori Thomas said.

Just a year ago, Aimee and her mother started a program called HALO. It stands for His Amazing Love Outpoured, and it was the pair’s way of sharing their love for God and horses, providing young girls with free riding lessons to help them work through the pain of losing a parent due to cancer.

“Being out here at the barn is probably the hardest part. Aimee was the cornerstone to the barn,” Lori Thomas said. “We talk about what it is to be lonely and desperate and what do you do with those feelings, and the horses love on them and it’s very healing.”

Lori lost her father that way when she was 13. While that was tough to deal with, she never imagined having this.

“The first thing that comes through your mind is everything has to quit. And I thought for a moment that maybe HALO was one of those things, but I know it’s not what Aimee would want and in her honor. I want HALO to continue,” Lori said.

And Lori believes keeping this dream alive will do the same for Aimee’s spirit.

The family has set up an account called Aimee at Mercy Me Ranch with Selco Community Credit Union. Her memorial service is scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m. at Eugene Christian Fellowship. People are asked to provide donations in lieu of flowers and gifts.

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