Vet Says No Surgery Needed for Kiki

8-12 dog shooting 3SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The veterinarian who saw Kiki following Monday’s shooting says there’s some misinformation about the dog’s condition and diagnosis.

The owner took Kiki to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Springfield on Monday after an officer shot the dog in the head. The officer was responding to an aggressive dog call. He said Kiki made an aggressive move towards him, that’s when he shot the pit bull.

The vet says based on the dog’s condition it didn’t appear that the bullet went into the brain cavity. The pit bull was still walking, barking and responding.

So she says it’s best in this case to leave the bullet alone and not have it surgically removed.

“In this instance since there was an active heavy hemorrhage, since neurologically she was intact, the potential for damage and remove the bullet was much higher than to treat medically for it and leave it where it is,” said Dr. Meg Schneck with the Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

Kiki’s owner told KEZI 9 News that they didn’t have the surgery because they didn’t have the money. It’s estimated to cost about $2,000 to have the bullet removed.

The vet says depending on how she progresses there may be a new diagnosis, but that’s unlikely.


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  1. Ed says:

    What?! More misinformation being given out by the family of this dog and spread by KEZI? I’m Shocked!

  2. Bonniezmom says:

    Emergency Vet Hospital (EVH) did not take xrays, those were taken this morning by Cascade Vet Hospital, where Kiki is this morning. EVH did not know where the bullet was, and should not have claimed they knew where it was. The bullet is actually in Kiki’s shoulder. However, because of being shot, Kiki needs emergency vet care, that will be quite expensive. EVH also did not donate all of the services, they donated 50%.

  3. PAM says:

    please do not send money to these people. This dog is fine and they are just trolling for donations.

  4. Sondra says:

    The dog is not fine. The vet at EVH did not x-ray and did not have a basis for the entirety of what they stated. I am with a local non-profit that helped get medical care for this dog after they left EVH. My trainer went over to evaluate the dog and got copies of the paperwork from EVH. They wanted upwards of close to $1800 (as the high estimate) just to stabilize and to do x-rays and such to determine what they were dealing with. The family had to leave b/c they couldn’t afford it. We took the dog to Cascade Animal Hospital the following morning. We are currently working on getting her healthy enough to have the bullet removed. Our rescue is, in fact, raising the money to get her medical covered. We are called “Save the Pets” and we are a registered 501. I can only imagine that the reason the vet from EVH went on the news was because they were getting angry calls for not treating the dog. However, that is their policy, as they are a business, if the customer cannot pay, they don’t get service. They were rationalizing that they were not being irresponsible for sending the dog home that evening b/c the dog did not need immediate care, beyond the anti-biotics that they gave her. This is true. She was safe to wait another day to go to a less expensive clinic. However, it was not fair to say that she did not need medical care, as they did not perform enough tests to know the answer to that. Hope this clears things up for you, Pam.

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