Veteran Runs for City Council

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CRESWELL, Ore. — A 90 year-old veteran who served in several wars is back in the spotlight. He’s vying to become Creswell’s newest council member.
World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam Richard Heyman understands what it means to fight a battle.
But now he faces a different challenge running for a Creswell City Council seat.

On Monday Heyman filed his papers to run in the November election at Creswell City Hall.
Heyman says up until about two years ago he wasn’t pleased with the council.

It’s a decision he says stems from a council that has a number of vacancies where council members have been appointed, rather than elected.

“I feel that the city, the citizens of the city have the right to elect their representatives. And right now they were having trouble getting people to run And rather than just have a complete appointed council I decided to run,” Heyman.

Right now more than half of the Creswell City Council is appointed.
A number of the folks moved or left due to health reasons.

Heyman says if elected he’d like to focus on commerce as well as figuring out policing and lowering water rates and better utilization of the airport.


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  1. Al Bennett says:

    Glad to see him running. He had been quite the gadfly when all the trouble was hitting the fan a couple years ago, and now he will likely be on the other end. I am fully confident that his only agenda is the well-being of Creswell. Thankful and grateful of all his service to our country…..and now, to the community. Go Dick! (And Holly Campbell, too!)

  2. Kelli Sanders says:

    It’s funny you say that, Al. You have such a negative view of the Creswell City Council over the past few years, but keep in mind that the positive gains made by the city are a direct result of those days when “all the trouble was hitting the fan.”

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