Veterans’ Housing Project Grows

EUGENE, Ore. — The Veterans’ Housing Project is getting bigger with the help of some generous donors.

On Tuesday, the sixth house was being renovated after Northwest Community Credit Union donated $75,000 to the project. The St. Vincent de Paul program provides housing for veterans returning from duty for up to two years.

The sixth house is located on Hansen Lane in Eugene. It’s one of two homes currently under renovation.

“It’s so wonderful that our community cares about veterans, and this is a way to say thank you to people who have served our country,” said Rebecca Larson, St. Vincent de Paul spokeswoman.

“I picture this home to be this bright light that is a promise of a great start for people returning from service,” said John Iglesias, NWCCU CEO.

Northwest Community Credit Union CEO John Iglesias is a veteran himself. He says it means a lot to give back to military men and women.

“It’s at the heart of what we believe in and that’s providing–doing everything we can to promote home ownership in our communities. And who better than our returning veterans who’ve sacrificed so much,” Iglesias said.

For volunteers, the dollars go a long way.

“It has been well lived in, in the past. So it needs a little bit a work,” said volunteer Barb Ruiz.

And they’re already coming up with a game plan.

“The list is pretty long but it’s also pretty exciting for us because we are able to take something that is kind of dilapidated and unhappy and turn it into a really good place for a family to live,” Ruiz said.

The donation from NWCCU matches a previous grant from Home Depot. St. Vincent de Paul says it’s always looking for volunteers to help with the renovation of the homes.

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