Veterans’ Housing Project Receives Grant

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Veterans’ Housing Project received a $75,000 grant from The Home Depot Wednesday.

The project aims to place veterans in affordable housing for up to two years after deployment.

A veteran KEZI 9 News talked to who is living in one of the houses says she hopes to stay in her home after this time is up.

“It’s a great home too, we went from living in a really small student family apartment to having space,” said veteran Jamie Broady.

For Broady, the Veterans’ Housing Project offered her the chance to move into a home with enough space for her and her three sons.

“We really love the house. It’s been a great space for us, lots of room for the boys to run around, have friends over. “We love the location. We’ve made some good friends with our neighbors, and it’d be nice to be able to stay,” Broady said.

Although the Veterans’ Housing Project lets her live into the renovated home for two years with a reduced rent.

“We rent these for $500 a month,” said Jon Ruiz, Eugene City Manager.

Broady hopes to use veterans loans to buy the home when her two years are up.

This housing project is a collaboration between the City of Eugene and nonprofit organizations.

Volunteer hours and grants like this make the project successful.

“There’s really been a community outpouring for our veterans. I think people have said we want to welcome them home in a really supportive way,” Ruiz said.

Even the flags lining the sidewalk during the announcement are another way the group helps give back to veterans.

“You can purchase a flag and a tag for $20 minimum donation, and then we will permanently mark a dog tag with their name and your message and their dates of service, attach it to a flag. We bring our flags and tags to patriotic events around town,” said Barb Ruiz of the Veterans’ Housing Project.

The flags are a new addition, but they’ve been a successful way of raising some extra money for the housing project.

Although the project only has a handful of homes now, those living in the homes are thankful for the volunteers and opportunity to be a part of the project.

Their goal is to have 25-27 homes in the Eugene-Springfield area.

The Veterans’ Housing Project is the only project like this in the state. Housing project organizers say in the future they’d like to help expand the program to other parts of Oregon.

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  1. Brent says:

    As a Vietnam Veteran, I can certainly understand her wish to remain at this location. I understand her desire.

    Problem with this: She went into this location knowing that it was a two year tenure. This will give her time to save the money to purchase another place with the help of the VA.

    She needs to consider that theire will be other Veterans on a waiting list that needs the same help up that she is currently enjoying.

    The contract is two years. Let the next deserving Veteran then move in with their family so they too can get grounded and eventually move on.

    This is the way it was set up and the way it should remain.

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