Victim Reports Third Intruder Incident

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — More victims are coming forward, backing up other reports of a strange man creeping into homes in Corvallis.

Police say there are now three reports of a man intruding into homes on NW Harrison Blvd. between 22nd and 23rd. They say the man doesn’t steal anything but moves around items and in the latest incident grabbed a woman’s foot.

OSU student Ellyse Perry says she got a disturbing text from a friend Wednesday.

“She was just really scared and texted me in the morning and said, ‘Lock your doors,'” Perry said.

That’s because Perry’s friend was one of the victim’s in two break-ins on the 2200 block of NW Harrison Blvd. north of campus.

“She told me that a man had broken into her house and was standing in her friend’s room and had thrown her underwear all over the room, and it was just really scary because I live one block away from her,” Perry said.

And it was one block away where a third similar incident happened Wednesday. Officers say this time the woman woke up to a man grabbing her foot. She spoke to him and he ran off. Her roommate wasn’t home but reported clothing in her bedroom had been moved.

“It’s frightening because Corvallis is such a small town. I feel safe here and when you hear something like that happening then it completely changes your though on the situation and all the sudden you’re second guessing your every move,” said neighbor Shelby Parkinson.

“I think it’s really important that people aren’t scared. We don’t want our community to live in fear. But I think it’s important that everyone stays very vigilant right now,” said Captain Dave Henslee, Corvallis Police Department.

That means be aware of your surroundings, lock your doors and use the buddy system.

In all the cases, the suspect is described as white, six feet tall, and thin build wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt.

The suspect hasn’t physically hurt anyone or stolen anything, but women in the area say his peculiar MO is still extremely concerning.

“Nothing was stolen which makes it even more scary because obviously he wasn’t there to take anything. He was there for some other reason which we don’t know,” Perry said.

Anyone with information to assist the investigation, or if you are a victim of a similar crime, contact Detective Brett Roach at (541) 766-6924.

In the meantime, police are reminding everyone to close and lock all doors and windows at night and when away from home.


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  1. Cedar Tree says:

    A handy handgun will cure this guy in a real hurry and prevent further, possibly worse, incidents.

  2. Cedar Tree says:

    Nothing to moderate – breaking into an occupied house should end with the criminal being shot.

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