Video Details Alleged Baby Murder Confession

January 27, 2012

EUGENE, Ore. — Emotions ran high at the murder trial of a mom accused of killing her baby and then throwing him away in a dumpster.

On Friday the defense showed a video to the jury of an interview between Angelica Swartout and Officer George Crolley where she details the alleged birth and where police say she confessed to smothering and killing the infant.

Here is part of the interview:

Swartout: “I just didn’t know what to do. I looked at him and but then he wasn’t doing anything and he looked really pale, almost like grayish. So then I just thought he was already gone and I felt like a crazy person.”

Officer: “Is that when you went and got a sheet?”

Swartout: “Yeah, and then just, just went there across the hallway.”

Officer: “Then you came back with the sheet. What did you do?”

Swartout: “I kind of wrapped him a little, but just was holding him.”

Officer: “How long did you hold him for?”

Swartout: “Maybe a half hour.”

The defense says Swartout falsely confessed in the interrogation room due to pressure from police.

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