Vineyard Offers Deal to First Responders

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EUGENE, Ore. — A local vineyard is thanking emergency responders by offering a one-of-a-kind deal for those who helped with the recent storm.

Pyrenees Vineyard was supposed to have a grand opening for its lounge location in downtown Eugene last Friday, but the ribbon-cutting ceremony was cancelled because of the weather.

The owner still decided to open on Friday and says he couldn’t help but notice those still working outside to make road conditions safe.

“We decided we were going to stay open for the people of Eugene. As we came downtown, we realized we saw four police officers on the corner freezing their butts off. We were really inspired. We thought, ‘Without those folks out there protecting us, without the folks working to clear the streets, there’s no way my customers could come here and feel safe to come downtown,'” said Robert Stryk, Pyrenees Vinyard.

The deal is available at the downtown location as well the vineyard and tasting room in Myrtle Creek.

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