Violent Criminal Moves into Corvallis Neighborhood

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A sex offender who spent nearly half his life behind bars for violent crimes against women moved into a Corvallis neighborhood full of children.

Louis Nemnich, 88, lives is classified as a predatory sex offender, convicted of rape, kidnapping, aggravated rape, and aggravated assault.

The neighborhood is quiet and rural, but neighbors say they can’t enjoy their seclusion because Nemnich lives so close.

In fact, Ramona Fricke, who lives in the neighborhood, says she double checks the doors every night. She won’t even get into her car without looking inside first.

Ramona, and her husband Peter, have five kids, some of whom are girls.

“I’m very concerned. This has been very disruptive for my family. It’s increased our fear factor considerably,” said Peter Fricke, neighbor.

Additionally, three of the women in the neighborhood are rape victims, so this is especially terrifying for them.

According to the state officials, Nemnich is allowed to live in his home because it’s not near a school or place where kids gather for educational or recreational purposes.

The company that runs the house Nemnich lives in didn’t return several phone calls.

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