Volunteers Beautify Skinner’s Butte

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EUGENE, Ore. — With a paintbrush and shovel, volunteers from the rotary and Northwest Youth Corp offered a helping hand to beautify Skinner’s Butte.

“It’s an awesome project. We’ve got groups that are out doing a number of different things. From rehabbing existing trails, down to the big E on the Butte, to fixing weeding projects. Putting mulching in landscape beds,” said Carrie Karl, South Eugene volunteer coordinator for the city of Eugene.

With the sun shining down on the group, volunteers said it’s the perfect time to pitch in and get the butte ready for summer visitors. “It’s kind of this annual coming of Spring. You know, it’s a beautiful time. We’ve got surprisingly lovely day compared to what was going on the last few days. The sun starts to come out, we start to see a lot more people coming out around the Butte,” said Karl.

Each year these organizations get together and clean up different areas of the butte for one day, but this isn’t the only time rotary members pick up around the park. “They work weekly to do garbage pick up and they take care of the trash can at the E. They do work where they kind of partner the responsibilty of maintenance of the park because they love it,” said Karl.

Throughout this spring and summer, the city of Eugene is hopeful more community members will get involved in similar projects. “We would love to have the community come out and continue to work with us. It feels good on a day like today. It’s beautiful out but we have a beautiful group of volunteers that care and that’s just awesome,” said Karl.

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