Volunteers Break Ground For Skate Park

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EUGENE, Ore. — Local skaters, construction workers and volunteers from the city of Eugene spent the morning tearing down a 40-year-old playground to make room for a new skate park. It’s been a project six years in the making.

A group called Skaters for Eugene Skate Parks spent years working to get a skate park designed and built under the Washington Jefferson Street Bridge.

“It’s been a long process, but we finally have all the funds and this is really the piece we’ve been waiting for, we’re now tearing something down to build something really amazing here,” said Matt Koehler, president of Skaters for Eugene Skate Parks.

The park will span from the horse shoe pits to the basketball courts, replacing an unused playground under the bridge.

More than a dozen of the volunteers were from a local construction firm, pitching in because they wanted to see a change come to the park.

Skaters in town won’t have to wait long before the park is finished and open to the public.

“Hopefully weather permitting and everything going like it should, at the start of fall we’ll have a beautiful destination park,” Koehler said.

The excitement about the new park isn’t contained just to Eugene, but it’s spread across the state.

“This will draw and attract visitors and it’s one of the few covered facilities in the Northwest, so it’s going to be very popular and exciting,” Koehler said.


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  1. bill says:

    Let the drugs begin..another waste of our money… Kitty SUCKS!!!

    1. Beef Wellington says:

      Bill, are you trying to say that spot is drug free right now????? This is going to be HUGE is skateboarding. Skating is going to push the drugs that are there NOW out so we can skate. Plus the money that is spent on this is out of the PARKS BUDGET AND VOLUNTEER WORK. You know nothing, you are garbage!

    2. Karl Bonner says:

      Let the right-wing cultural grumping about skaters begin….Bill SUCKS!

    3. Bill doesn't know says:

      This place is currently a drug haven. Skateboarders aren’t bad people and this will clean up the area a whole lot. This assumption about skaters is very ignorant and seems quite hate filled. Skateboarders raised most of this money themselves to create something to help the community, so we “wasted” our own money. Bill has obviously never had the pleasure of befriending a skateboarder because he thinks we are drug addicts and the scum of the universe, and that is kind of sad. Some preconceived notions are just plain wrong and very discriminatory. I hope most people will not be like Bill and will actually be glad junkies don’t hang out there anymore. This will help the drug use in the area stop, not begin

  2. Bill is just a teabagger troll says:

    Everything is about how Eugene’s freely-elected city government is BAD! Let’s just go skate and pay him no mind, eh?

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