Volunteers Build Conestoga Huts

conestoga hutsEUGENE, Ore. — While student volunteers were cleaning at Willamette High School, others broke out the hammers and nails.

AmeriCorps partnered with Community Supported Shelters and Habitat for Humanity to build tent structures and a Conestoga hut at Eugene Safe Spot as part of a MLK service project.

On Monday, the homeless rest stop added four new tent structures and one new hut. Volunteers say this is just one way to bring the community together.

“Martin Luther King was all about trying to build a stronger community and a lot of the work he was doing was about community building. Bringing volunteers and using the AmeriCorps program to help bring volunteers together, helps to help build that community up,” said John Webster, the construction crew leader.

The site currently has six residents but organizers say that will go up to 15 this week, meeting site capacity.

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