Volunteers Clean Up Trash at the BMWCMF

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BROWNSVILLE, Ore. — While the Bimart Willamette Country Music Festival is about fun and music for many people, local schools said they use this as a major fundraiser for their districts.

Becca and Joey Almasie volunteered hours of their time at this year’s festival. “We go around in trailers and sell ice to the campers and also to the vendors and we go through with trailers and pick up all the trash,” said Becca Almasie.

They’re not alone. Hundreds of volunteers from Joey’s school, Central Linn in Halsey are doing a bit of dirty work too. “We get part of the profits for putting in our time and for selling the ice,” said Almasie.

For this school, the festival fundraising goes a long way. “It’s a very big deal. We’re a small school in the farm town and don’t get a whole lot of funding, so it helps not only with kids who need help with sports and activities, but to keep upgrading the school with what it needs,” said Almasie.

Something that is important to not only parents, but also students. “Help the school get better,” said Joey Almasie.

Volunteers said their school alone has about as many volunteers here at the festival as it does students at the school.

So as campers leave their campsites for the day to go listen to Sunday’s lineup, these volunteers are busy at work emptying all these trash cans and picking up garbage from each campsite, all to help give kids at nearby schools more opportunities.

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