Volunteers Help Clean After Block Party

EUGENE, Ore. — A big party usually calls for a big clean up. That’s why volunteers started picking up around 5 a.m. Sunday after the Whiteaker Block Party.

Jason Vanderhaar, the block party secretary, was thrilled with the turnout this year. He called it “the best he’s ever seen”.

Vanderhaar says the event required a lot of work to plan and run but cleaning is the easiest part.

“Everyone wants to volunteer for the most part in the hood, whether it’s at the block party or to help clean up. It’s pretty awesome just how community driven this neighborhood is. The Whiteaker is very tight knit,” Vanderhaar said.

There were over a hundred volunteers this year that helped with running the event on Saturday and cleaning on Sunday.


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  1. jason marks says:

    sad story actually, that 100 people had to clean up after everyone else. sounds like a pig pen festival. why can’t people not make a mess , dispose of their trash, respect others property and leave no impact? because they don’t want to.

  2. Party Catering Sydney says:

    This is a great news. People should be responsible for their trashes. If we want to see changes we should start it with ourselves. I hope people should have discipline. God Bless and More power from us here.

  3. Spit Roast Catering Melbourne says:

    If you want to see changes, Start it with yourself. Discipline yourself to be a responsible citizen. Be a role model to the next generations.

  4. Mark at New Style KBP says:

    Two stories about trash pickup. KVAL has 35 nice pictures of the event, You can do better.

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      Hi Mark,

      We aired several stories on KEZI 9 News about this year’s Whiteaker Block Party. If you’d like to check them out, here are the links:

      Have a great day!

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