Volunteers Plant Wildflowers

EUGENE, Ore. – Saturday was the perfect morning to get outside and plant and that’s exactly how some local volunteers started out their day.

A group of about 20 people met in the West Eugene hills to plant native wildflowers. Eugene Park Stewards are working to restore the prairie, savanna and oak woodland habitat on the Wild Iris Ridge.

Organizers say replanting native flowers is very important because invasive grasses and other plants have taken over the area.

“If we let the habitat disappear completely, then we lose that plant, we lose the pollinators that go with it that are really important to the supportive of our dynamic ecosystems here in the valley,” says Carrie Karl, the Volunteer Coordinator for Eugene Parks Stewards.

November is the group’s main planting month, trying to get everything in the ground before the rainy season comes. If you’d like to volunteer, you can visit the Eugene Park Stewards website for all of their upcoming dates.

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