Volunteers Prepare for Duck Race

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EUGENE, Ore. — Saturday, thousands of rubber ducks will race down the Willamette River, with winning prize numbers attached to them, for the Great Rotary Duck Race.

On Thursday, nearly 100 volunteers helped put more than 64,000 numbers on the rubber ducks. At a tentative toal, with that many tickets sold at $5 each, the grand total would equal $325,000.

That would be the fourth highest total to date, with the money going to six agencies helping to end the cycle of child abuse and neglect in Lane County.

“I know the agencies, I see the applications, I talk to them. For some of them, the Duck Race has meant the difference between them being viable and surviving and not surviving,” saus Rotary member Dale Hartley.

Duck Race volunteer Justicia Trzesniewski also stressed the importance of the cause. “Whether it be helping Jasper Mountain build a new facility, helping support CASA with being able to take care of children in the court systems, it’s definitely a huge help for them.”

The ducks drop at noon on Saturday in the Willamette River from the Autzen footbridge, where they will race to Alton Baker Park. Big prizes will be up for grabs. A Chevy Silverado, Volkswagon Jetta and a diamond necklace from Charles Beadet are on the list.


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