Voter Registration Deadline Approaches

EUGENE, Ore. — The deadline to register or update voter registration for the May 21 Special Election is Tuesday.

Those who are eligible to vote and would like to like to participate in the election must turn in a voter registration card by Tuesday, April 30 if they have not registered already.

Anyone who has moved or become a new voter should update their registration information, the Lane County Elections Office said. They can do so my filling out a registration card, or going online if they have an Oregon driver’s license, permit or identification card.

Those who fill out a card must either mail it (postmarked by April 30) or drop it off at a Lane County Elections Office. For voters’ convenience, the Lane County Elections ballot drop box will be open until 4 p.m. on April 30 for people to turn in their registration cards. The dropbox is located at on the corner of 10th Avenue and Lincoln Street in Eugene.

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