Voters Approve 4J School Bond

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EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District administrators were surrounded in celebrations after they found out voters had approved their massive bond.

Parents and 4J School District members rejoiced as their hard work paid off, and they say now it’s time to get to work and put the money to use.

“This would not have happened without a broad coalition of supporters from all over Eugene,” said Laura Illig, Yes for 4J Schools Campaign Manager.

They’re not surprised it passed, but they say elections can be unpredictable.

“Given that we have had virtually no negative reaction or opposition, we felt pretty confident, but you never know in an election. And there were multiple measures on the ballot and anything could happen,” said Sheldon Burman, 4J Superintendent.

Now parents and administrators are anxious to get the ball rolling.

“We’ll start getting to work on putting together plans for when these schools are going to be rebuilt and how the money starts to be spent–buying technology, getting curriculum materials, starting to put security upgrades in place all around the district,” Illig said.

They all agree this is a win for the future.

“It was a very broad-based bond that has a tremendous impact on not only our current finance but the future attractiveness and functionality of the system,” Berman said.

The bond measure is part of a long-range facilities plan which would call for another bond measure in 2017 or 2018 to replace or renovate four more aging schools.

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