Voters Pass Street Repair Bond

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene voters said yes to an extension of a 2008 bond that will fix city streets.

Although support from the community was expected on this one, Mayor Kitty Piercy says she is extremely grateful to voters.

The $43 million bond is basically an extension of one that was passed in 2008. City leaders say it’s the only route to continuing to work on a backlog of street repairs needed within the city. The funding will last for five years and there are 76 different projects on the list.

Beyond repairs there are also projects for bikers and pedestrians.

“Well you never take anything for granted because these are hard times for people and they’re careful with their dollars, so I think that makes us doubly grateful for their support. I’m definitely pleased,” Piercy said.

The average homeowner will pay about $127 a year, no more than they already were.

Mayor Piercy says she thinks the polls show the trust and confidence that voters have in the city when it comes to the street repairs, after the 2008 bond proved very successful.

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